Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Its Mardi Gras Time...

I'm sooooooooo excited bc we have our 1st family vacation of 2013 planned and all paid for and in less than 12 weeks my family and I will be setting sail on a 7-day Carnival Cruise!!! We will be making 3 stops at the ports of Montego Bay-Jamaica, Grand Cayman-Cayman Islands & Cozumel-Mexico! So whats that mean?? Now I have a goal...I have to get on track! So I can relax and enjoy my week off in paradise!
Goal update from last week:  
*Buy bikini & Bikini pics=Slacking! 
*Take measurements=Slacking! 
*5/days wk @ Gym=DONE! 
*Loose it app=On It!
         Shout Out..TY Steph for reminders! 
* EAT CLEAN=Week:Great!
Weekend:Little too much slacking!

I decided, I need more CARDIO in my life!  Over the past month, I have loved what the weight training has been doing to tighten/tone.  I can see a difference in my body, but at the same time, I want/need to shed some #s! So I have decided instead of doing 3 exercises of each muscle group on the MWF schedule, I will do 1-2 exercises (depending on what were working that day) & Then hit the cardio! That way 5 days a week, I will be getting in my cardio. On the MWF days it may be only 10-15 mins of cardio. On the Tues/Thurs/Weekends it will be at least 30 mins. I’ll try this out for a while and see how it works. I’ve also decided to join Steph on the Squat Challenge from our FB friend Lacey Marks! <3 her! Hope our booties look like hers!! 

I Work'd OUT!
 Mon: Gym-> Chest & Tri’s + Cardio:Stairs:10min/1mi/49floors/132cals+25Squats 
Tues: Gym->Cardio:LateralX:30min/4.5mi/75floors/318 cals+25Squats 
Wed: Gym->Bk & Bi/Tri’s + Cardio:LateralX:17min/2.4mi/150cals+50Squats
 Thurs: Gym->Cardio: JacobsLadder:5min/349ft/73cals +50Squats
 +Treadmill:9:10min/.87mi/111cals +Played Basketball for 10mins
Fri: Gym->Leg Day! 
Sat :8:30am Body Pump Class
 & Sun: 1st Mardi Gras Parade w my kidos!

 I slacked and didn't collage for Fri & Sat wk outs..Sad, I know..lol 
So this week I stayed very active. I went to the gym 6/7 days and even on Sunday I was pretty active on the parade route dancing, holding Bell for floats and cleaning house at home. As far as the diet goes....I am loving the "Loose it" app to assist me in keeping my calories under control. Last week, I think I could have defiantly been better but I did pretty good. My cal intake is set for 1,220cals/day. M-F I stayed well under budget. Saturday, I over indulged and went over 123 cals for the day and Sunday, I went over 5 cals. Still for the week, I had left over 987 cals, under budget. So not terrible! But, I was excited bc when I weighed on Friday I was down 3lbs for the week. But by the time Monday rolled around, I only loss 1 lb for the week. Still a loss is a loss..I will take it..but I hate that I keep myself in control all week and then blow it when it comes to the weekends. I need more self control in my life!!!

My goals for this week are: 
*Buy bikini & Bikini pics (again..I will get this done..lol..)
*Take measurements (again..I will get this done..lol..)
*5/days wk @ Gym
*Loose it app
*DIET:Resist Temptation!

Hope everyone has a great week! 

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