Thursday, January 10, 2013


Has it been a week already?!  It sure doesn't feel like it.
This past weekend was pretty fun.  I went and visited two friends who had babies the first week of December.  ADORABLE.  They were so, so tiny.  My friends are doing well and adjusting to motherhood.
I did pretty good on my dieting and water intake.  I didn't get in any exercise though.
This week I did eat out twice I think.  It's just so tempting!!  I also didn't do good with working out. Well, let me clarify.  I didn't do my lunch time walking like I should.  I did, however, take the stairs in the parking garage to and from work and to and from checking the mail.  It totals 2 flights each way.
I will not let it get me down.
I weigh in on Monday.  I hope to have at least maintained.

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