Friday, January 4, 2013

Gone for far to long...

Alright, I'm back. I've been a total and complete slacker for a month now. Sorry. I wasn't eating healthy, I wasn't exercising and I was just not motivated.

Now that I'm back I'm starting a couple new things to help motivate myself.

I'm starting a weight loss vision board. My vision board will be here at work in my little cubicle and it contain pictures of outfits I have ALWAYS wanted to wear but have never been able to, hairstyles I LOVE but wouldn't look good on a fat face and finally a pair of long boots that have never fit around my huge calves. There will be other things on my vision board too but that's a start

My husband and I are doing this together. We each have to put up $15 a month and the person with the higher percentage of weight loss at the end of the month gets the money. I already do this with the girls I work with for $10 a month but now that I have to come up with even more money is an even bigger motivation.

Also, I canceled my membership to Anytime fitness and my husband and I are going to join a gym by our house where he gets a discount and they have a daycare so we can go in the evenings with the kids and workout together!! This is a HUGE motivation!! I finally get to workout with my honey! :)

I'm happy to be back and look forward to all of the positive changes this year is going to bring!! :)


  1. glad you back buddy!!! can't wait to see you do GREAT things!!!!

  2. So glad ya back! Love the vision board idea! And it will be lots of fun and keep you focused doing it together.