Tuesday, January 15, 2013


 ONLY, I hate Subway!...lol.  The above photo is me in my old pants: SIZE 26. I can still remember these fitting TIGHT! I use to prefer to wear my dress pants, even to casual events on the weekend bc they had more give in them than jeans do. The jeans were so tight and uncomfortable! 

So, for the past, oh Idk, year, Ive been dressing myself everyday off a pile of clothes on my couch in my bedroom. I have had no closet space to use bc I have never taken the time to clean out all of my old clothes.  Partly bc Im lazy...Partly bc, ya just never know, in the past I have ALWAYS gained my weight bk. So, Im a bit anxious to get rid of all my old clothes. I would hate to have to re-buy clothes, especially szs I won't be happy about buying! BUT...I need this! It was long overdue..I finally cleaned my closet out this weekend. :)

I need to move on from thinking going back is an option. IT IS NOT! 

I just feel like I have been stuck in a phase for the last (way to many) months where I have become comfortable with where I am. & Although I kind of am...Im not holding steady...I feel myself slipping backwards!! And that..I am NOT comfortable with!

Please don't get me wrong...Yes, I am extremely happy and proud of how far Ive come. Its hard to even remember myself as the person I see in old pics.  I didn't feel then as big, bad, ugly, disgusting as the person I see in those pictures. I mean, I wasn't happy w myself/my pics then either but I walked around w my head up thinking I looked nice/presentable when I went places. Its not till you see pics of yourself, You shake your head and realize how you truly look to others. No one made me feel this way. This is how I felt/feel about myself! Everyone loves me the way I was then just like they love me now! Its about ME and how I felt/feel about myself. (If that makes sense to you at all.)

It helps ALOT for me to look at the old pics. Take new pics as I progress and be able to look at the change happening & to take pics in my old clothes and be able to laugh at how BIG they are on me now. That is a huge, AhhhhHhhaaa (proud of myself) moment! I need these constant reminders that I never want to let myself be that unhealthy again. It helps get me back in check, boost my moral, gives me the confidence I need to say...Yes Im proud of what Ive done but I need to work harder to stay here and not waste all the hard work Ive put in already. I am not done! This is not as far as I want to go.  

I am realizing that the next step is a big adjustment! The weight is not falling off anymore even though Im still working my butt off in the gym. Only 1 thing can make the lbs come off at this point in the game. I have known it for a while. I know exactly why Im seeing a gain on the scale, dispite the gym time Im puting in. Its all about my DIET at this point! I do great when it come to the gym time, exercise. I have learned to love it. I can't say I <3 to run yet..But I enjoy how I feel after running..That's a start! Its time I start making changes to actually be healthier. That change has to come w eating clean and making big changes to my diet! Will I realistically eat this was 100% of the time for the rest of my life, NO. I <3 to eat! I LIVE to eat! But if I can make healthier choices the majority of the time it will be OK to splurge every now and then and still see changes in my body. The time is NOW! 
Update, My goals for last week were...& This is how I did:
1)Beast Mode @ the gym=DOIN THE DAMN THANG!
2)Take official weight/measurements/pics for Jan 2013=DONE! 
*All posted at the bottom of my "Nicole" page! Need to do measurements!
3)Start Loose it app & Control the diet=Started/Workin on it!
4)Shop for bikini, for bikini pics=X (Added to this weeks goals)

       +PM:Walk@BT Track/2.32mi/34:11min/363cal  
Tuesday:Gym->Cardio:Treadmill/Run 1mi/9:59min/128cal 
       + Row/3,076m/15:44min/168cal  
Wednesday:Gym->Bi & Abs +StairMaster 13:24min/65fl/1.36mi
Thursday:Gym->Cardio: Treadmill 1mi/10min/100cal 
                                           +Bike 2.42mi/10min/103cals
Friday:Gym->LEG DAY! +Dancing & Bowling@RockNBowl  
Saturday & Sunday-No official wk outs
My goals for this week are: 
*Shop for bikini & Take bikini pics!
*Take measurements!
*Keep up 5/days wk @ Gym.
*Keep up "Loose it" app 
*Shop to EAT CLEAN! Make healthier eating choices, even on weekends.
*Get in this weeks "Training for RnR":5k (3.1mi)

Good Luck to everyone in meeting your personal goals! Have a great week! 


  1. lol, DOING THE DAMN THANG!!!!!!

    we gonna get in them DANG bathing suits!!!!!

  2. i love love love love love love love your photos! Awesome work! As they say on Biggest Loser, exercise is only half the challenge...diet plays just as much of a role.

    Great work...very inspirational!


  3. and that's so true about diet shannon! i know from my expierence, once you go to healthy food... fast food just isn't the same! make the change now so you don't have to later!!!!


  4. Thanks Girls!!! I couldn't agree more..We all know its true. We know what we have to do. We just have to LIVE IT! :)