Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bustin' On Outa This Funky Place

I woke up feeling pretty good. This usually doesn’t happen. I usually wake up and immediately begin to dread the millions of things that I need to accomplish within the next few hours. I was going to start the Body by Vi shakes today, but I did some reading first. Good thing. One of the side effects of the shakes is that it can cause significant drops in blood sugar. I am hypoglycemic. My sugar levels are usually around 74. I can not afford for them to drop any more than that. So, I opted to make myself some breakfast. I am determined to stay within my calorie budget of 1,480. I would normally say that today was pretty uneventful, but I can’t honestly say that today. I finally felt the motivation I’ve been looking for. So, while I didn’t run off and kick ass in a gym, I did tighten the reigns and am buckled down for the weight loss extravaganza! I have even decided to buy a scale! I’m not looking to weigh a certain amount. I am looking to feel great. However, I think that if I buy a scale and have to answer to myself on a daily basis, I’ll be more motivated to improve myself daily. The monthly weigh ins (which will continue at Shannon’s for measurement purposes, etc.) just don’t hold me accountable to myself.

I have not fallen off the wagon! I know it’s only day two, but lately I haven’t exactly been sticking with anything. I feel good. I am extremely proud of myself today. For diner, the family wanted Texas Roadhouse. Oh, let me count the ways I love this place! This was a test for me. I am happy to report that I PASSED with flying colors! I ordered my food as I usually do, however, this time, I immediately sectioned it off and reminded myself that I can spread this meal over the next three days - I don’t have to eat it all in one sitting. I ate about 1/3 of the pulled pork and 2 dinner rolls (LOVE them). I ordered the side of fries to have cheese. Well, I decided to eat the bread and pulled pork first. I decided that I’d rather fill up on those two item. After I finished those, I ate about four fries and decided that I really don’t want them. Aside from beginning to feel full, I DIDN’T EVEN WANT THEM! YAY! I only ate about two bites of the side mashed potatoes as well. I was SO excited to push the food to the side and not care. I ended up giving my fries to A.J. and potatoes to Tony. I don’t miss those items at all!

Today started off by pissing me off. I was supposed to meet with my student advisor to discuss my fall graduation. Well, he was a NO SHOW! Asshole. I know it’s Spring Break. You know it’s Spring Break. YOU SCHEDULED THE EFFING MEETING, NOT ME! Anyway, I did not let this get me off track. I forgot to bring my leftovers for lunch, so I went downstairs and bought the lunch special. It was so good. I had about half of an oven fried chicken breast, a few bites of the plain pasta, and the side salad. Again, I WAS FULL. I have been eating my lunches with a bottle of water. I think this is helping me with being full. I could be wrong, this could all be in my head, but who cares? It’s working! I did eat another 1/3 of my pulled pork for dinner with two more rolls. I gave my leftovers to my puppy. She loved it. I’m still feeling good. I’m still feeling motivated. I even did some research as to what kind of scale I want. I want one that reads the ###.#. I want to see the number after the decimal. I want to know my range of fluctuation. I got excited about a freaking scale. LOL

Today was a HECTIC day. We had a settlement conference in our office which lasted from 9:30 until after I left at 4:45-ish. I had had enough. Not getting into that. Bad moods stem from it. Anyway, I was so busy, that I didn’t have time for breakfast. At about 11:00, I was hungry. I decided to only drink a Special K protein shake. Love those. About an hour later, I went downstairs and got the lunch special, beef brisket, garlic mashed potatoes, and green bean artichoke casserole. Again, I had my meal with a bottle of water. I ate the meat, maybe 3 oz, and about ½ cup of the potatoes. I didn’t even touch the casserole. I know it’s yummy because I’ve had it before. But I wasn’t hungry. I was full. I was satisfied. I don’t NEED to eat EVERYTHING on my plate.

I am learning. I am improving. I am ready.


  1. WOW! Courtney so happy to hear your getting back in the swing of things! Its amazing how much better you feel about yourself when you tackle even the smallest/biggest of goals! KEEP IT UP! I LOVE hearing reports like this! :D
    Oh and can I say...KICK ASS on the collages!!!! SOOO CUTE! YAY! lol

  2. You are doing SUCH an amazing job!!! Keep it up!!!!!


  3. Welcome back Courtney!!! You're doing great!! The self control you have for just starting is AWESOME!!! I know for a fact that I couldn't have just stopped after two rolls and 1/3 of pulled pork from Texas Roadhouse! Great job girl!! I can't wait to hear how next week goes!! Keep it up!! :)

  4. This post makes me smile. You are keeping up the motivation and making steps in the right direction! Check out that self control that you have...Texas Roadhouse is one of my FAVORITE!!! I can handle up on a basket of rolls ..easily!

    Keep on posting and keep up the great work! You'll get where you wanna be in no time!