Monday, March 4, 2013

I Love Mondays!

Happy Monday Morning everyone!  My weekend was a busy and cold one!  I'm ready for Spring, though I'm NOT ready for Summer!  Summer down here is SO hot! 

Know why I love Mondays?  Because Biggest Loser comes on Monday nights!  I get so excited to watch the show, see the contestants and the changes they are making and I am just a little TOO involved in the contestants themselves!  I am Team Danni all the way!  She just seems like the kind of person I'd be friends with if I knew her in real life!  Love her!

I also am getting just a little tired of Gina.  She's busting A and doing great but ENOUGH WITH THE CRYING ALREADY!  I know there's a lot more I don't see so who really knows what her deal is but it's getting to the point where she is annoying to watch!  I was SO MAD when she beat Danni in last week's challenge and got immunity!  I thought for sure Danni would go home but my girl banged out 10 pounds like a CHAMP!

Jackson is also becoming one of my favorites just because he's so sweet and from what the trainers say and what the other contestants say, he's the biggest motivator! 

Like I said, a little too wrapped up in the contestants!  LOL!!!

This week on BL is MAKEOVER WEEK!  Can't wait!!!!!
So here's what I've been up to since last Monday....

Last Week's Goals

How My Week Went

Sunday - DONE!

Monday - DONE!  Did Body Pump Class

Tuesday - DONE!  I switched it up and took Spinning at 5:30 instead of Body Pump at 6:30!  Only did half of the spin class, but that's a whole other story!  Let's just say they are getting new bikes but until then we're using old bikes and after trying 2 bikes and stopping, I got so frustrated that I left! 

Wednesday - DONE!  I switched it up a bit.  Instead of 3 miles on the treadmill, I did 1.5 miles on the treadmill followed by C25K D2/W4 (again).  I just felt like running!  I only did 5 minutes on the stairclimber b/c my legs were really tight after the running.  I did my ab work but I skipped the Body Combat Class b/c once I was finished with my workout there was still 40 minutes til class.  I headed home to let my pups enjoy the beautiful weather instead.

Thursday - DONE!

Friday - DONE!

Saturday - DONE, but with changes..  To make a long story short, my sister had to bring my nephew to an academic test but Friday night she was stopped by a cop for an expired license plate (she didn't know it was expired).  She was terrified of driving her car for fear of getting a ticket.  Literally, as I was walking out the door, I see a hand written note on my door asking me to wake her up that she needed me to bring Brock to his test b/c she didn't want to drive her car.  UGH!  I was up, made my shake, dressed and walking out the door!!!  But things happen and you gotta roll with the punches!  I ended up doing 1 mile on the treadmill, followed by C25K D1/W5 (5 minute warmup walk, 8 minute run, 5 minute walk, 8 minute run, cool down), 10 minutes on the stairclimber, and ab work.  It wasn't the two classes I'd hoped for, but I did my best.  I also did yard work and cleaned my house like crazy b/c we had a house viewing scheduled for Sunday at 11 a.m.! 


Sunday - I went to the gym and did a little over a mile of run/walk intervals on the treadmill.  I was tired and had a headache..the gym was hot.  Excuses, excuses.  I've exercised non-stop for over a month, I don't feel bad about slacking a little today!

What's New??

My appointment with Pennington is this Wednesday.  I'm excited to see how I'm doing and get that official weigh-in number!  I've been doing great and exercising like a beast.

Today at noon I have my first meeting with a dietitian.  I am doing this all online, which will be an odd experience, but hopefully a good one.  I've never done meetings online so we'll see how this goes.  I'll update next week on how my appointment goes and about my meeting with the dietitian!

Yesterday I had a baptism to attend and I saw some people I hadn't seen in a little over a month and they all commented on how great I look!  That is a huge motivator and it really gave me that boost I needed!

I had a box under my bed that contained about 8 pairs of jeans that were all too tight.  I pulled out that box on Friday and tried every pair on and every pair FIT!  I was so happy with myself!  It feels nice to be able to wear a pair of jeans that I haven't in so long.  At least 2 pairs were a little too big.  Too cool! 

Goals For This Week!

1.  Workout every day!
2.  Lots of water
3.  Tackle little projects in my head!
4.  Ride my bike! 

I didn't have time to print out my workout plan but it's pretty much the same as last week, though I am trying to pump myself up to take the dang Zumba class!  LOL  We'll see!

Have a great week and keep on working towards your goals!


  1. your doing great buddy! have you been tracking your miles for C25K?

  2. I have not Steph. What I do is do the C25K slow. I walk at 3.0, and do the running at 4.0, which would technically be a jog, but I'm getting the stamina down and will work on speed later. If I did this outdoors, not on a treadmill, I'd track the miles.

  3. Wow! Impressive workout schedule! It’s good that you have different workouts for each day. Having the same routine would make your body resistant to the exercise, giving you minimal to no results at all. Keep it up and keep us posted! =)*Brandon Pepper*

  4. YAY So excited we have another reader/commenter, Brandon Pepper!!

    Shannon-You had an awesome week! You are doing terrific!
    steph-I don't think there is a way to log miles by doing it on treadmill? Unless she just tracks it on her own, today I did X amount of miles, for a total of X amount each week. Kind of like I report each week.

    BUT Shannon does it not say you have done ...whatever... today? Like Miles?Pace/mile? Total time? etc?

    Idk Ive personally only used C25K maybe twice, I usually just let Steph track it on hers when I go w her handle up on the dirty work!


  5. Girl you are doing so good!! You are so motivational!! You are kicking BUTT in your workout routine!! I can't wait to here what your results are on Wednesday!!

  6. The C25K app doesn't allow me to track the simply says "Run 8 minutes or 3/4 mile." I go strictly by time. I'll deal with speed later.

    Thanks for all the feedback!