Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Road May Be Rough, But It's Worth Traveling!

First and foremost I just want to send a shout out to my buddy Shannon. I am so proud of you! You are on track and on a mission! You are going through a hard time knowing that you will prevail and that alone motivates me to be a better ME! You see the task and continue to push through. You are doing amazing and I’m proud to call you FRIEND, BEST FRIEND AND SISTER !!!

Over all I am pretty proud of last week. I didn’t have any weight loss but my journey is more than just a number, it’s a lifestyle change!


Monday - 3/4 – Jogged 3.12 miles; C25k W8 D3; Average pace 14:05 min/mile – Calories burned - 363

Wednesday - 3/6 – 2.78 miles; C25K W9 D1; Average pace 14:23 min/mile – Calories burned – 342

Saturday- 3/9 – (1.)  Walked 3.28 miles; Walked with Shannon and Nicole; 16:51 min/mile – calories burned - 332 (2.) Biking 1.13 miles; to my mother in law’s house and home with the hubby – Calories burned - 70

Sunday3/10 – Biking 8.66 miles; Riding with friends; Average Speed 4.1 MPH; Calories burned - 677

My total calories burned for this week was 1784 and the total miles are 18.97. My goal for each week will be to beat that number! Watch out week! I’m coming to get ya!!!!

I also have a story to tell. On Sunday’s bike ride, Shannon and I were riding close together talking and my son Anthony said that he was going to pass us. We thought that he was going to pass in the grass but NO! He decided to pass us on the small strip of sidewalk that Shannon and I were already using. WELL, Shannon swerved, over corrected, scared the ish out of me and I in turn swerved IN TO BRANCHES OF AN OVER HANGING TREE, over corrected and Blake (in a baby seat) and I went down. While my hand was hurting from holding the bike up (as I waited for the calvary to come save me) all I could do was LAUGH! It was simply hilarious.


  1. That was pretty funny. Felt like I was rushing to help w a zombie attack..Damn Walking Dead...Always on my mind! I blame you for this! lol

    Great week buddy! Im glad your feeling well enough, despite the back issues, to get it in. Truly inspiring!!! Great Job!!!

  2.'s dusty in my office while reading this blog post. Damn watery eyes! That was so sweet of you Steph! Thank you for the shout really means a lot.

    You kicked ass this week and I look forward to seeing all the ass kicking you do this coming week! Keep it up! Freaking week 8 of C25K!!! Dang...I'm only on week 6 and it's an ass kicker for sure!

    As for Anthony, I don't think I'll ever forget the sound of him coming up behind me, me swerving, you falling...ugh.. while funny, it could've been really bad for Blake who was stuck in the dang seat! Riding with kiddos is dangerous! But I had a great time!!!!

  3. Awesome job Steph!! Your story about the bike ride was funny! I could see that happening to me with Hannah!


  4. lol, blake thinks he's a zombie! lol. crazy kids!!! and freaking anthony! trying to kill us!

    oh, dust! right, dust!!! lol. :)

    =) thanks ladies!