Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Good..Bad...Ugly...

I was cleaning at work last week and found this pic from our honeymoon cruise in 2007.  Before my wedding, I was on a high as far as the "weight loss journey" was concerned. I was working out everyday and eating healthier. I did well and I managed to loose 50-60 lbs? Unfortunately, this was one of many times in my life..I lost the weight but only temporarily. Over the next 4 years I added it back and then some. I got pregnant w my 2nd baby, Bella in 2010 and during my pregnancy I was quite sick the whole pregnancy and actually lost 20#s! Yeah, IKR! Well..After having her, I put that 20 right back on too...And that's about when my latest journey started, in October 2011. I think I may have mentioned how excited I am about this cruise...Well I found another reason, I can't wait to update THIS PIC! Cruise Pics! YAY! :D

Goals from last week were:
~Get it in EVERYDAY=DONE! 
~Drink more water=Eh..I did so, so.. I need to do better. 
~Keep up w MFP=DONE!
~Shed some #s=Whoomp..Whoomp :(
Workouts this past week=
3/18 Mon: Gym->Lateral X: 33 mins/5.1 miles/356 cals   
3/19 Tues: AM->Run w Chad:29:49 mins/5k=3.1 miles/445 cals
                     +PM->Walk w Julie:47 mins/2.63 miles/309 cals
3/20 Wed: Gym->Stair Master: 30 mins/120 floors/2.5 miles/318 cals
3/21 Thurs: Park run w Stephanie: 11:07/1 mile/149 cals
                         +BT Track Run: 8:39 mins/1 mile **FASTEST TIME!!**
                         +BT Track walk w Julie: 51:04/2.11 mile/397 cals 
3/22 Fri: Gym->Leg Day + TRX Core Workout
3/23 Sat:Short Fam Ride to Rollin & Julies house, 2 miles round trip.
3/24 Sun: Fam/Friend Bike Ride->1:20 mins/9 miles/517 cals

Boys will be boys...
So The Good...
Ive been really keeping active, Im proud of that. Getting the whole fam involved on the bike rides, Its been fun. This week after Leg Day on Friday, Chad & I did TRX w the help of a trainer at the gym (Vince) and OMG! My abs are still screaming today!!! Over the weekend if I had to laugh, cough, strain of any kind I had to bend over and hold my stomach. That's when you know its a great workout! Also my jeans from Express (biggest sz they have, sz 12) and all of my other hand me down dress pants (range 12-14s) are all way too big in the waste!  I can certainly drop down a size! EXCITING NSV! Last but not least I finally made it into the 160's!!!! I stayed 169 from Wed-Saturday. :)

The Bad...
That doesn't really matter anymore bc Sunday I messed it up and then yesterday I fell into the temptations again. Mom cooked, I over ate. End of story! :(

The UGLY...
Two bad days of over eating and Im right bk at 171. UGG!
Well...Im disappointed but I can't say that it comes by surprise.  


 I will get bk on track this week and I will see 160's again, Very soon!
To Do This Week:
~Workouts:Get Em In 
~Log on MFP 


  1. Girl I can't wait to see your new cruise pictures!! That doesn't even look like you! You've come so far! That's amazing!!

    As far as your NSV, dropping a pants size is AWESOME!!! What is your goal pant size?? Do you have one?

    I'm so proud of you girl!!!

    I can't wait to see what happens next week!!


  2. TY Amanda! No I don't really have a goal pants sz. I have always worn my clothes bigger than needed. Its strange buying clothes that fit, but Im loving it. I can't ever remember being a sz smaller than 12 in my adult life. So thats exciting! but I don't really care what pants sz Im in. Im just glad I can walk in just about any store and actually find thing that I like that FIT! AMEN!! My prayers have been answered!!!:)

  3. Ya know what's funny, that Nicole from the 2007 cruise pic is the person I knew all these years but looking at that picture, I don't even recognize you. I only see you now as the thin healthy Nicole...so pics like this old one are shocking to me, even though that's who you were for so long. Always beautiful though....and one of the funniest people I know.

    I'm so proud of how far you've come and how hard you work to get even further. Keep it up!


  4. i totally agree with shannon, i only see the new nicole!

  5. :) That made me tear up buddy!!!! REALLY! TY girls!!
    I feel the same way..looking back on pictures is weird! I just smh, I was that person for SO LONG! But I guess I never felt about myself, How I actually looked? Idk if that makes since to you..but idk how to explain it. Im glad you girls only see the new me! <3 you guys to pieces!! xoxoxoxo