Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Weigh In Results...


January 7, 2013=182.6 lbs
February 1, 2013=181.6
Goals From Last week:
~Start using MFP=Done!

    *I've used it every day this week.
~Weigh in on 3/1=Done!
    *Also updated on my "Nicole" page.

How this wk went down...
2/25 Mon: None-Recovery!
2/26 Tues: Gym->Rowing w Chad:30mins/6,051meters/331cals 
2/27 Wed: Gym->Lat X:33mins/74floors/325cals
2/28 Thurs: Gym->Run w Chad:23:41mins/2.44miles/360cals
3/1 Fri: Gym->Leg Day w the boys
3/2 Sat: None
3/3 Sun: None

Overall..Im pretty freakin proud of the past months results!!

On May 15, 2012, I had gotten down to my lowest weight, Since starting this journey on Oct 3, 2011. I weighed in that day at 174.6. It only lasted ONE day by 5/16 I was 176.8. May 21, I was up to 179. May 30th, 180....and ever since its been an up and down between 183#-175#. Never saw that 174 again!

UNTIL...This month!! Not only did I SEE 174, but I saw it pass on by as I strolled down to my NEW lowest weight=171!!

It may not sound like many #s, but in my head knowing in all this time I haven't slacked on the exercise, in fact Ive increased it!..I feel like Ive been working my A off to "maintain" AND Ive even had "gain"...Its been a struggle..to say the least...and its all due to my diet. Although I wasn't slacking on the output (exercise), I had slacked on the diet...well... or what use to work, just wasn't working anymore for me (for my new weight). I had to make a new change..And I have done just that! 

This past month, I began eating small meals through out the day. Previously it was odd for me to eat breakfast...Well not only did I start eating breakfast..but I started eating small meals at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2-3pm, and then a portion controlled/more protein focused dinner. Which Im trying to do earlier than I use to (before-8,9,10pm). Now we are usually eating about 7-8pm. Still not the greatest but it is an adjustment for my house hold. Its all a work in progress...

As for the meals..I don't really mean eating "meals" just something, at those times. Could be anything from...a banana, an apple, some grapes, a handful of raisins or a handful of nuts, a PB&J or a turkey sandwich are a few typical for breakfast/snacks/lunch times. Then for dinner... I try to eat a reasonable portions, No going back seconds, lots of veggies and lean meat. 

As for the carbs..YES I still eat them! But Ive been trying to do them better. 
Ive tried 14 grain whole wheat bread, wheat pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes and...with the exception of the sweet potato, which I did like..but I can't say I love it more than a real potato, its a change..but the others, I love them all! 
Easy changes I can do. I do still limit how much of it I have (that is key) but its great to know I don't have to eliminate those favorites from my diet all together to accomplish the goals I want to. I CAN live with these changes! And that's what excites me the most about it. I know that is key for me to do this as a "LIFESTYLE CHANGE". I really think this is the biggest change that helped give my metabolism that boost again, if fact I know it was.

Im excited to be moving in the right direction again... 

Goals for this upcoming week:
~Work out 5-6 days/week
~Keep up w MFP
~Enter the world of the 160#s!!??!!?
    (Im wishful hoping/thinking /praying here!)

Ok so, If you don't know me...Im a picky person. No doubt that adds to the saying "If I can do it, Anyone can.." But I am trying to venture out a little bit and try some new things, like I mentioned about the brown rice, wheat pasta. Im also hooked on the turkey ground meat..easy changes. Anyway, Im trying to add new things to my diet..and would appreciate some feedback in this dept. :)
Hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. wa wa what!!!!!!!!! look at you girl! i guess my competition with you begins! JK.

    you are truly a tale of "if you want, take it!" because you've done just that. you are an amazing woman/friend/wife and i'm proud to have you as a friend!


  2. You made that scale your bitch! You are kicking ass and taking names and I'm motivated by your success!

    Amazing that you've lost 90.2 pounds! Amazimg job!!!!

  3. Good job Nicole!! Your pictures look great!! You're so inspirational!! :)

  4. TY so much! Still cringe a little posting pics. Your always your own worst enemy ya know...but What the hell..Adds motivation to know Im putting it all out there.