Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Ok so...Time to kick it UP!!!! 
We will be leaving on our cruise in.....
 Just 33 Days! 
Its a 7 day cruise, which is Awesome!!  To....JAMAICA BABY! 
The ports are; Montego Bay-Jamaica, Grand Cayman-Cayman Islands and Cozumel-Mexico.  We have been to the Cozumel port several times but I haven't been to either of the other two ports. If you have, hit me up and give me some deets!!!  This will be the first time my kids get to cruise and they are so excited and they don't even knowing whats coming. My mom and my in-laws are also coming along, as well as a group of cousins, aunt, uncle, It should be lots of fun!  I would like to challenge myself to loose ??X?? amount weight in the next 30 days but the weight loss has been crazy lately...So, Idk what would be a good/reasonable/yet challenging number.???? Should I go conservative and say 1#/week=5#s total?? Or Do I go bold and say 2#s/week=10#s? Hmmm...I would be THRILLED w either turn out with the way this up and down roller coasters been going.  

So Im thinking 7#s! More than 5, less than 10, and it would put me on the lower side of the next bracket (The..160's). I just might pee my pants w excitement, if I can pull this off! So there it is..The goal has been set...
Now the hard part...Time to make it happen! So, to make sure I stay on top of this..Each week I will post a pic of my weight!  Yep that's right..the dreaded scale pic. There is no way to deny the ups and the down that lie ahead. Im sure there will be bad food choices made, days slacked on exercise, that inevitable time of the month..BLAH! All will be shown here to hopefully help me stay motivated! This morning's weight was:
 I know..I know..I gained .6 since March 1 weigh in :( 
Just plain ol' slacking on the diet over the weekend, Got me!

Here's what happened last week...
Goals From Last week:
~Work out 5-6 days/week=6 days=DONE!
~Keep up w MFP=DONE!
~Enter the world of the 160#s!!??!!?=NOPE!!

How I handled up...
3/4 Mon: None
3/5 Tues: AM: Run w Chad: 23:50mins/2.42miles/358cals
                     +PM: Treadmill @ home: 18:15mins/1.5miles/187cals
3/6 Wed: Gym->Stair Master: 30mins/2.8miles/134floors/351cals
3/7 Thurs: Run w Chad: 24mins/2.40miles/356cals
3/8Fri: Gym->Leg Day w the boys=Squats & Calf Raises
3/9 Sat: 5k walk @ Oakdale: 53mins/3.16miles/396cals
               +1 mile run w Chad: 8:48mins/144cals *MY FASTEST PACE EVA!
3/10 Sun: Family/Friend Bike Ride:8.39miles/2hrs/545cals

 Short Video of The Bike Ride...

I also added this pic on the "photo" pg :D
Shannon, Stephanie & I (& Bell)
Yes, Bell looks like she's sniffing my butt...Always up my butt lol.. 

 Goals For This Week:

Hope everyone has a great week!! 


  1. When I went on my last cruise, I challenged myself to lose the amount of weight I thought I would gain on the cruise. The average person gains 5-7lbs in a week cruise. And that's about where I've been on my other cruises. So that's what I did. It worked. But I think you have the right idea!

    1. Oh No! I sure hope that doesn't happen!
      But sadly, your probably right. I do plan to get my exercise in during the trip and I will do my best with the diet..But it will be the drink/alcohol consumption that is going to kill me! Ahhh..We'll see..Good Times will be had for sure, just don't wanna regret it!
      Have you cruised to these ports? I need the scoop!
      Thanks so much for reading! :D

    2. I've been to Cozumel and Grand Cayman several times. Ochos Rio Jamaica too, but I stayed on the ship. I love Nachi Cocom or Mr. Sanchos for Cozumel for a relaxing beach day. But I've heard the Mayan temple excursions are awesome for a more physical day.

      I don't favor the Caymans. The tendering process is a PITA. But I understand that the sting wray excursions are always nice and the turtle farm is nice also. You can always go to Hell (lol) on the island too, but I've heard its not that impressive. Caymans are also extra expensive. Our US is worth less there. $20 for a hamburger at Margaritaville. If you want to do something there I def. recommend booking an excursion through the cruiseline. Its a bit pricier, but with the tender process its worth the extra $.

      Yea, I hope you don't gain either, but I don't even try anymore. I pack my workout clothes just in case I motivate up to the gym, but I never do. To be honest, at my weight I probably should gain 7-10lbs b/c I'm not the avg. person, so only gaining 5-7 is actually really good. Maybe one day I'll progress....

    3. Thanks so much for all the helpful info! I appreciate it! We did go horse bk riding at Mr. Sanchos in Cozumel. It was a nice day. I like the resort there.
      As for the Caymens, the turtle farm or stingray adventure sound perfect. I can't wait!
      I didn't even think about the cruise its self as far as food/gain..Im sure it will happen..Uggg!
      Thanks Again1

  2. So jealous of your cruise! Wish I could go. Wish I could fit in your luggage! Damn it!

    I think 7 pounds is a realistic goal! Just stay focused and get at it!

    Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

    1. I wish you could come too buddy. We have talked about planning one together for years, we really do need to get on that planning and make it happen!!! would be so fun w everyone!

  3. you and the family are going to have so much fun! I WANNA GO ON VACAY!!!!

    i know i gained a few when i went on a cruise last year so, losing what you might gain first is a great idea! you about to make the 160's your B! <3

  4. Pensacola is right around the corner, hang in there buddy! I wish we were all going together. Would be alot of fun. We need to plan that!

    160s---Ahh...Sounds so close..Yet so DAMN far away..Seems like it will never happen..But then again..I once felt that way about ONEderland..which is now my new home! :D

  5. Nicole...girl you always inspire me! One of the hardest things about losing weight is actually keeping it off and keeping up the working out and healthy lifestyle. You have done both and you seem to just keep getting more and more motivated! I just hope that when I get to where you are I'm able to do the same!! I'm so proud of you girl!


  6. Its a great feeling, Im surely addicted! Thanks so much for your support Amanda, your a great friend!! :D