Friday, March 15, 2013

It's FINALLY Friday!!

Well, it's been a LONG work week, so glad Friday is here!! I'm pretty stoked about how well this week went as far as my eating habits and workouts.


Monday - 13:11 on the stairs, 371 calories then walked 2 miles around the neighborhood with my hubby and the girls.

Tuesday - walked 2 miles around the neighborhood with the family again,

Wednesday - 13:21 on the stairs, 376 calories

Thursday - 14:20 on the stairs, 403 calories

Friday - I won't be exercising today because I have dinner plans with my in-laws for 6:00. I won't get home in time to get a shower and redo the hair and makeup and I certainly can't be going to dinner all nasty!

Saturday - I plan to do 45 minutes on my mom's elliptical.

Sunday - 2 miles around the neighborhood with the family

As far as eating goes we have had either baked chicken, pork roast, or steaks and tons of veggies! We've been doing great at avoiding all the starches these past couple of weeks.

I only lost a pound this week and at first I was a little bummed about it but then I saw this:


I'm good now! :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. You, my friend, have rocked this week and I am SO happy that you are back at it, and back to blogging! Hard work pays off!

    A pound is a pound and any loss is a good loss!

    Keep it up!!!!!!


    1. Thanks girl! I'm trying to keep up with you but you're totally kicking my a$$! :)

  2. Amanda=You Rock My Socks!!! What a great come back. You have had a great week! Your meals sound yum, yet healthy! Your worksouts are kick a$$! I love that your talking walks w the whole family involved! Love your new Name BLING! So Cute! & That lb of fat pic...OMG! Eww! Really puts it in perspective!
    Great Job Girly! Keep it up!!!

    1. Thanks girl!! I'm trying to get skinny like you!!

  3. welcome back and GEEZ! giving them stairs hell! WOW!!! great job!