Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A step in the right direction

After blogging for these few weeks, I’ve decided to take Shannon and Courtney’s approach and do measurements and weight on every 4th week, and that week is here and I’m happy to say that even though I didn’t do as well as I would have liked on the scale, I did pretty well with the tape measure! So, here are the stats:

11/16/12          11/13/12
Bust                 40.5 inches      39.5 inches
Under bust       33.5 inches      32.5 inches
Arms               14 inches         14 inches
Waist               43 inches         41.5 inches
Hips                 45 inches         45 inches
Thighs              27 inches         26.5 inches
Weight             168.6lbs          170.2 lbs

Weight - of 1.6 lbs
Inches - ↓ of 4.5 inches J


11/7 Wednesday
1.51 Miles
18:31 min/mile
11/9 Friday
1.57 Miles
17:50 min/mile
Abs & Arms
11/10 Saturday
3.1 (Glow Run)
Drunk pace… the PACE CAR passed us up!
11/11 Sunday
.8 (Westwego Classic!)
Chad-amondo said that our pace was 1 beer…
11/12 Monday
1.65 Miles
16:58 min/mile
Legs & Abs

Total Miles: 8.63! That’s WAY better than the 1.71 from last week! Along with that, my per mile pace went from 18:31 min/mile to 16:58 min/mile. That’s a decrease of 1:33 min/mile! Not too bad!!! No slacker award for me this week!

So some of my buddies and I did the Glow Run 5K over the weekend and it was a BLAST! I added some pictures to the PHOTO’s tab! It was SO much fun! My friends are, simply put, insanely awesome! 

Praying I can keep it up for some more great results in 4 weeks!

Happy jogging!


  1. 4.5 inches is AWESOME in a month!! Do NOT let that damn scale discourage you!! I love the glow run pictures!! I'm proud of you sista Johnson!! :)

  2. HOLY SLAP SOME BODY!!!!!! 4.5 INCHES!!!!!!!!!!!SO JEALOUS BUT EXCITED FOR YOU..RIGHT HERE!!! You are doing terrific!!! Ive watched you using your self control when we eat out together as a group, passing on the sweets! watching your portions. I so need to take action on that like you! Your doing all the right things! Keep it up!! Super excited for you! CHEERS to another great month ahead! :D

  3. i'm actually putting that dang scale in the closet until next month! wish you coulda came!!!!!!

  4. Doing AMAZING! Very proud of you! Feels great doesn't it!?!?!? Keep up all that hard work! It is clearly paying off!

  5. Thank you ladies!!!! all that YOU ladies do inspire me to make those decisions!!!!!!! the next 4 weeks.... BRING IT ON!!!