Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Got (A Little Less) Back

Yesterday was Shannon and I's measurement day.  It treated me well!  My results were as follows:

Weight:  -5.2
Neck:  -0.5
Left Arm:  -0.5
Right Arm:  -0.5
Left Thigh:  +1.0
Right Thigh:  -0.5
Waist:  -1.5
Bust:  -1.0
Hips:  -2.0

That was a total of 5.2 pounds lost and 5.5 inches lost.  I'm pretty sure that gain of an inch in my left thigh is from all that kicking ass and taking names I've been doing.  Must have gained some muscle.  LOL 

Seeing as how the only real change I made in the last month was walking at lunch, I'd say I feel like a winner!  It has motivated me to want to walk more and continue with my improved eating habits.  I have not yet dug out the "yoda" dvd, but I will get there.  The thing about the dvd is that I want to be alone when I do it.  I hear people tend to fart a lot while doing yoga.  Not something I want going on in the living room while the kids are running around the house getting ready for school.  After I finish renovating my room, I'll start it in there.

Thanksgiving is next week.  It is going to be hard to be good.  I plan on having a small taste of everything.  I don't plan on getting full or over-stuffed.  I keep reminding myself that I can take some food home to have for dinner and then lunch the next day.  There is NO need to suck it all down at lunch and feel like I'm going to explode afterward.  I am going to bring two containers with me.  I will put food in each one.  One will be my dinner and the other will be lunch the following day.  Hopefully this way I won't over do anything.  Even though it's a holiday, I still plan on posting.  It will be in the evening so that I can recap the food events of the day.

Saturday, I walked (well, if there were a word that I could use that would express a pace slower than that of a walk, I'd use it LOL) my first 5K.  It was SO much fun.  It was the GlowRun.  Steph posted pictures of it.  Some of the most amazing people joined me for it.  (We missed you, Amanda!)  It felt good to finish it and the atmosphere provided for such a good time.  I can NOT wait for this one to come back around next year.  I wonder what the next walk I do will be?  Suggestions? 


  1. All that ass kicking?!?!? LMAO! I lol'd for that one in my office!

    You did great, I'm proud of you!!!

  2. way to go with all of that kicking ass and taking names! that list must be getting long by now!!!!1

    so proud of you for these accomplishments and for doing your first 5K!! <3 you!

  3. YOU ROCKED IT! So proud of you with a few small changes it paid off and made a big difference! Im so glad you are motivated that much more now :D As for races...Welcome to the addiction! :D Now that you have your first 5k under your belt..
    My next race will be the Christmas in the Oaks race w the kids. Its only a 2 miler. Its on Dec 8th and with the race $ you get the race bid number, a t shirt, after party etc, and admission to Christmas in the Oaks before it open to the public!
    There is also the Jackson Day Race coming up. Shannon & I did last year. Its in January and its a 9k (5.5 miles).
    Great Job Courtney!!!

  4. Good job Courtney!! You did AWESOME!! Keep it up!! :)