Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Breaking Point...

Has a whole week really passed??? Sadly, I have little to show for it...Time to FESS UP!  I have been a total slacker lately and its just been getting worst as the days go by.  I thought last week was bad only getting it in 4 out of 7 days...Yeah well this week Tops the Slacker Charts!!!! Here we go; Monday-Nada, Tuesday-Treadmill 2.04 miles/21:44 (and I sooo didn't want to do it!), Wed-Sunday-Nada. YUP that's right, I got in a WHOOPING 2 miles last week! Took me longer to type it than to do it :( and along w that..I ate everything in sight! HORRIFIC!!! Last week I was 174 (which is on the high side for me the last few months). This week, Monday I weighed in @ 179!!!!!!! 

I've officially hit my breaking point..Ive decided Ive had enough! I do not want to see the 180s again (if not already too late). I can just feel myself slowing slipping back...JUST LIKE I ALWAYS HAVE DONE IN THE PAST! We all know its not easy loosing the weight by any means but that's never the hard part for me. I can start a routine and follow through with it, seeing the great results keeps me motivated and I  loose a ton of weight.  But for me,  its keeping it off and continuing to see improvements over the loooong haul, that I struggle with. I know its because I get in that phase of being "comfortable" w myself.  I feel good, way better than I have in years. I can breathe.  I can walk/run with out getting winded. Everyday life  is just easier.  I like shopping and getting dressed to go places. Ive realized, Im getting too comfortable!  Im eating bad on the regular day after day, working out less and less. It needs to stop!

My fear is that with the  holidays right around the corner if I don't re-gain control now I will sink in over my head and be right bk in the 200's before you know it! Holidays come with a lot of down time, shopping, spending time w the family, celebrating and over eating/drinking on many occasions...and Im not giving that up.  I want to be able to enjoy myself with out the guilt, that by doing so it means Im giving up my golden ticket to ONEderland!  

All I can do is set some new goals and follow through with them, So here goes.
This week I will run Monday-Thursday & Saturday. Sunday-Will be lagniappe.  

I have TWO races this weekend, both on Saturday! I am SUPER excited about both. So, I need a rest day on Friday. 

Saturday morning, I am signed up for the Fall CCC and will be running it with Chad, our first race together. :) Goal: Beat my previous 5k race time (Spartyka Wounded Warrior 5k: 3.1/33:58). 

Saturday evening, I will be walking the Glow Run 5k with a bunch of great friends! (Courtney, Amanda (& Tony?), Angela, Shannon & Tyler (Stephanie & Jackie hopefully?)  
Goal: Act a fool, Have lots of fun & G L O W! :)

Pics & Race updates to come next week.  Good luck meeting your goals! 


  1. everyone his a breaking point buddy and i'm glad that you hit yours before it's too late!!! i know your enjoying the heck out of ONEderland and want to stay there!!! you got this!!!!

    1. TY Buddy, you know I wanna stay in ONEderland w you for a long time :)

  2. It takes a breaking point sometimes to get you back on track. I know it's hard but like you said you've come so far!! Keep up the good work!! STAY IN ONEDERLAND!!!! It's a one way ticket!! :)

    1. I sure hope its a one way, thats all I think I had money for and I plan to fight to keep it..lol..TY! :D