Thursday, November 1, 2012

I don't know what, but that's going to do something to your body.

Well, I sure as hell hope it does!  I'm not expecting a drastic change on the 14th when I weigh in and take my measurements, but I sure hope that this walking will have had some sort of positive impact.  I have been doing really well with walking.  I walk at least 2 miles at least 3 days a week.  That's far more than I have done before.  It makes it easy to just get up at lunch and go walk around the neighborhood, or even just in the parking garage.  (It was WAY too windy for me one day, so I just walked from level 1 to level 7 and back down to level 1.)  I think I am going to throw in a yoda dvd into the mix.  I want to make sure that my muscles (ok, more like the remains of muscles that I once had) get toned and maybe this combo of walking and toning will help my skin to keep up with the rest of me?  We'll see.  Besides, flexibility can be fun.  lol
Over the weekend, I went to Fountainbleau with the girls for the Halloween thing.  We probably did about a mile of walking.  I also got to work out my arms.  I got to hold Stephanie's youngest baby for a while.  I'd switch him from hip to hip.  He seems to prefer to be on the left.  Every time I moved him to my right, he'd ask to go to "the other side" after a few minutes.  Oh, too cute and have to share, after we went through a little haunted house, he tells me, "Run away!  Run away!"  lol  He's so cute. 
Ok, so I was just reading over what I had typed already and noticed that I typed that I plan on doing "yoda" dvd's.  Allow me to clarify - by "yoda", I mean "yoga".  lol  It was too funny to delete.  I had to leave it.
Nothing spectacular happened this week.  Sure as hell didn't win the lottery.  If I had, my ass would have already scouted out a trainer and dietitian.  Damn the man!  At least no one else won either!


  1. LOL @ Yoda DVD! Love it! I caught it, emailed you about it, and then went back to reading only to see that you caught it already! LOL

    All that work WILL pay off! Just wait and see!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Good job girl!! You are doing great!! Keep it up and you will sure to see the results!!

  3. Im happy you are feeling better about yourself and what your doing, the changes you are making. You are making goals and sticking to them getting out there, keeping up with your walks at lunch! Im proud of you. Keep it up! Can't wait to hear how yoda goes! :D