Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back in the Game!

So, For the last few weeks I was kinda dreading the blog.  Having to report back on what a SLACKER I had been, just wasn't sounding like a good time. Well...I am happy to say, I got my head (& A$$) back in the game and Im excited to report this week!

The Breakdown:
Monday: Ran a 5k! WHAT? YUP! 3.18 mi/35:35 min
Tuesday: Ran 2.27 mi/21:47
Wednesday: NADA!
Thursday: 2.01 mi/20:59
Friday: NADA...Calm before the storm..Day-O-Rest!
Saturday: Fall CCC 5k 3.1 mi/31:06
& Glow Run 5k 3.1 mi/drunk walk pace
Sunday: Wego Classic-Distance:1 beer long ~or~ 1 mi

I had a much better week, certainly better than my last two!
Saturday morning, I ran the Fall CCC 5k with Chad. We run together all the time but it was our first “race” together. I am a B the whole time, for many reasons none of which are good lol.. I feel like Im killing myself running at my MAX, struggling with my internal laziness wanting to stop, feeling defeated, feeling my body getting heavier and heavier, struggling to keep a good pace and not let myself down...Despite my attitude towards him, he says things to motivate me the whole time, reminds me of my breathing, etc. He keeps his pace just in front of me, most of the time, like a little rabbit Im chasing.  It helps!! I always run my fastest paces running w him. My goal was to beat my previous 5k race time.  The Spartyka Wounded Warrior 5k, I completed that 3.1 miles in 33:58.  ***BOOM...DONE!***  
I BEAT MY TIME BY NEARLY 3 MINS! IF YOU’RE A RUNNER YOU KNOW 3 MINS IS A LONG TIME TO IMPROVE BY! I struggle to gain a 1 min lead! I am Super Proud of this time! I think it will be impossible to beat, but I will go for the GOAL! Next time…

Saturday evening, I had an absolute BLAST walking the Glow Run 5k with a few of my greatest friends! Most of the night was a drunken hot mess, but I wouldn’t do it over any other way.  I had the most FUN EVER had at a race!
Shout Out to Courtney..It was her 1st 5k! (sure she will talk more about it) but I just wanted to say again, how extremely proud I am of her for setting the goal and then making that goal her biatch!! She had many valid excuses to give up, but she DIDN’T!  Im honored that I got to walk the entire thing with her! Can’t wait till we walk many more as a group. SO MUCH FUN! :D
**Courtney, Shannon, Me & Stephanie **Finishers Medal:Can also be used as a weapon!** 
My goals this week are simple: DO SOMETHING EVERYDAY this week! Examples are, but are not limited to…Run, Walk, Gym, Bike, Dance, Zumba, Kettle bell, Class of whatever type…JUST GET MOVIN!

To see more pics from the race, Check out the “photos” page!
Have some fun meeting your goals this week!


  1. There are things here I can say, I just can't say them b/c I'm so focused on that HORRIBLE picture of me in that group shot. UGH. Talk about DE-MOTIVATION.

    1. Girl, Don't look @ it at as de-motivation...But rather MOTIVATION! Let it make you want to get up and bust your ass that much harder!!! We all have to start some where! You are on top of your game doing what you have to do to make lifestyle changes! Be Proud of that! The pictures will soon make you happy, I promise! :D