Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Whobe Whatee??

So...To cut to the chase. Shannon's challenge was to take pics of everything you eat on Tday. Point being to try and make you more aware of what your eating. I'd say it worked for me! 

I started the day thinking I CAN NOT go into this day eating all my favs w/o Getting it IN! So I did just that.  I got up and started cooking. Once I got everything in the oven, I hopped on the treadmill and cranked out (2) 10 min miles! :D I wanted 3 miles but gave in after only 2...I didn't let that get me down..Im still proud I got that in! 
So, On to food pics...Below is everything I consumed on Thursday:

Breakfast:Nothing...(I rarely do breakfast)

Lunch: I had a plate w...a slice of turkey, a little salad w italian dressing, a tiny square of mac n cheese, 2 table spoons of corn, 2 table spoons of broc n cheese, a scoop of potato salad, and a side small bowl of rice w a slice of roast and gravy. I also had 1 can of sprite to drink & 2 dinner rolls. For dessert I had an Ooey Gooey Square...Then later grazed and ate another, The only thing left for the pic was a tiny piece.

I was much better for dinner...(I was still stuffed from lunch) Dinner aka Round 2: Sm salad w italian dressing, tiny taste of mac n cheese, scoop of potato salad, and a little rice and gravy. Water to drink! 

Round 3: My Blk Friday Fuel-Medium Caramel Macchiato! 
In review, Yes I know I could have been better; more salad less of everything else. But...I enjoyed myself! I got to enjoy all of my favorite foods, the company of my family and the thrills of blk friday shopping...Overall I had a great Thanksgiving holiday! :D

To go bk in time for a moment, the rest of my week was as follows...
Monday: Gym-Chest/Tricep/Ab
Tuesday: Nothing..
Wednesday: Gym-Legs/Bk/Bicep/Ab
Thursday:Treadmill 2 miles/21:03 min
Saturday:Nothing..Home Organization/Christmas Decorating & Bday Party
Sunday:Walking...Family Fun @ Ren-Fest

Pics of this weeks workouts:

& A little Lagniappe...Christmas FUN!
This weeks Goal is to start eating better!! Also, as always...Do something physical everyday...Run, Walk, Bike, Elliptical, Zumba, Shop...HA! (Threw that in to see if yall paying attention) I know that one will be DONE for sure! :D 

Have fun Movin & Groovin this week!!! 


  1. Great job buddy! your house looks great! i passed down ames on sunday and saw the MOUND of stuff by the curb! GREAT JOB! wanna do my house next?!?!

  2. Lmao..A few people stopped by thought we was having a garage sale. Chad said were not but what ya want? lol..The house is still a wreck but at least I can breathe a little :D