Friday, November 16, 2012

In sickness and health...

I'd like to say I stick with my workouts in sickness and health but then I'd be a liar. This has been a rough week! I started coming down with something on Monday but I worked out at lunch and again at night. Tuesday I woke up feeling worse and it's been all down hill from there. I haven't worked out since Monday but I've been good as far as eating healthy. My weight has stayed the same since last Friday which is frustrating but I'm hoping for better results next Friday since I'll be back to working out next week once I'm feeling better.

I had Shannon do my measurements last night so here goes:
                                         10/15/12                              11/15/12                                Difference
Neck                                   15in                                       15in                                         0
Bust                                     50in                                       49in                                        -1
Waist                                   52.5in                                    49.5in                                     -3
Hips                                     61in                                       59.5in                                     -1.5
Left Arm                               18in                                      17.5in                                      -.5
Right Arm                             18in                                      16.5in                                     -1.5
Left Thigh                             30in                                      29.5in                                     -.5
Right Thigh                            29in                                      30in                                        +1
Right Middle Finger              2.75in                                    2.50in                                     -.25

Total inches lost is 7.25 and I'm pretty stoked about that!!
Thanksgiving is RIGHT around the corner and I'm trying to come up with a healthy recipe to make to go along with my turkey so I have something healthy on turkey day. I'm planning on working out Monday through Wednesday and again on Friday. I know that I will not be working out after I stuff myself with Thanksgiving dinner.
I'm not feeling well and don't really have much to blog about today so I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll have much more and exciting things to say next week!! :)


  1. that's awesome!!! Great job buddy! good keeping your food intake in check especally since you couldn't work out!!!!!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!!!!

  2. 7.25 inches is impressive!!!Great Job Amanda!!!Sure hope you feel better!! :D

  3. Thanks girls!! I'm still feeling pretty bad so I think I'm going to rest most of this weekend and then be ready to go for next week. I'm coughing like a chain smoker.
    Y'all have a great weekend!!