Monday, February 11, 2013

Long Weekend - Long Post =)

Good Monday Morning to ya!  How is everyone doing today?  It's Lundi Gras here in the Big Easy which means I'm off work!!!  Time off from work is always much needed and appreciated!  But don't think that means I'm slacking on my workouts!  I'm in it to win it!

Last Week's Goals

  • Gym workout ... everyday  NOT DONE, but I DID exercise every single day, just not at the gym! 
  • Stop weighing myself everyday...once a week only (Mondays)  NOT DONE...I am now required to track my weight every day as part of my food/exercise log. 
  • Drink lots of water  DONE

Week In Review

Monday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D1/W2, 1,000 meter row

Tuesday - 2.5 mile walk at work, 500 meter row, 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D1/W1 (throwing in a week 1 workout on rest days just to keep me running)

Wednesday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D2/W2, 1,000 meter row

Thursday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D2/W1, 500 meter row
Friday - 2.5 mile walk at work - Skipping the gym to give my legs time to rest for tomorrow's 10K! Parade in Metairie!

Saturday - The Wall 10K with Courtney!  10K = 6.2 miles!  GPS said 7 miles..whatevs., cut and edged my backyard, and went to a parade!

Sunday - 500 meter row, 30 minutes on elliptical (dripping sweat), 5 minutes on stairclimber, and came home and cleaned house (including mopping)

The 10K was great!  I am so glad I signed up and I'm equally as happy that Courtney joined me!  Unfortunately we don't have any photos to show off...but no doubt we made some memories in those 6 or so miles!  Lots of laughs...I recall Courtney even had to stop because I made her laugh so much.  She kept saying "Stop making me laugh...laughing slows me down!"  I felt great after the race! 

Non-Scale Victories (NSVs)
  • Jeans noticeably getting bigger
  • Wore a shirt from my closet that I never wore before because it never fit (wore it on Wednesday)
  • Got a 2X t-shirt at The Wall 10K race, wore it to the gym on Sunday, it's too big!  Love that!
  • Completed my first 10K!  Longest race to date!

Last Wednesday was my first checkup appointment at Pennington and things went well.  I lost a total of 10 pounds in the first 14 days!  Seeing those numbers really motivates me to continue!  I am kicking butt in the gym too!   


My next appointment is on February 20th!!  I plan to kick ass and take names with my workouts and inhale water like a water buffalo!  I'll report back next Monday with my official Monday weigh in! 

"The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.  Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.   - D. Williams, Jr." 



  1. GREAT job buddy with the 10K!!! so proud of you and the dirty!!!!!!! you my friend, are truely kicking glutes and taking johnny handcocks!!!!!!


  2. Great Job Shannon!!! Your doing awesome and I love hearing it!