Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We're only 1/2 Crazy!! 13.1


This past weekend was our BIG race! The Rock-N-Roll 1/2 Marathon!  A.....L..o..n..g..13.1 miles! We went into the race with NO training...& We got less than 3 hours of sleep the night before. As Chad said "We have got to be the worst 1/2 marathon-ERS in the history of marathon-ING." Yes..that bad! But we had No excuses...We woke up exhausted..Got our butts out there in the freezing cold.. We prepped for the worst weather (bc we were expecting rain on this day all week) We had our jackets, ponchos, and backpack of supplies prepared for whatever weather was to come, just in case. Luckily, God was kind to us and it turned out to be a beautiful day! We could not have asked for better weather. It was sunny, cool, nice breezy wind, felt awesome! And we did great weaving in and out of all the people, the mile marker signs seemed to come and go by quickly and we made great time. We ran for a little over 6 miles straight. Then we stopped for our first potty break.**Mind you the furthest I have ever run, prior to this run, was a 5k (3.1 miles)** Stopping caused us both to start cramping. We continued on and had to stop yet again for another bathroom break, by this time my calves felt like rocks, totally stiff hurt to walk on but actually felt better when jogging..So we continued on. Looking at the Endomondo stats we can tell when we ran/walked/stopped...Total we ran/jogged about 8-9 miles (pace ranged bw 9:34-12:29) and we walked/jogged the other 4-5 miles (pace range bw 13:02-19:46). We went into the race thinking we would run 1/2 and walk 1/2, So we are very happy with how we did!!!

Im excited for several reasons:
1) We exceeded our expectations running more than we thought we would be able too.

2) I beat myself!! My previous 1/2 time, RnR 2012 was 3:21:04. Beat myself by 30 minutes. I also had a time in my head, I was hoping to come in under 3 hours. & I DID IT!

3) Im really loving this addiction!! Im looking forward to signing up for a 10k (maybe the CCC 10k in March??) I have it in my head I can run the whole race! & I can't wait to try! 

4) I can't wait until my next 1/2 marathon bc I know w more sleep and some training...I can do even better next time! :D 

Official Race Stats:
Last Weeks Goals:
~ Workout Monday-Thursday, as usual=DONE!
~ Friday/Saturday easier on the wk outs=NONE
~ Sunday Rock & Roll ½ Marathon w Chad=
As for last week: 
18Mon: MAC Gym->Stair Master:25Mins/102Floors/229Cals
                                        +Body Pump w S&S/1hr class 

19Tues: Run w Chad:23Min/2.33Miles/346Cals

20Wed: AM: Gym-> Treadmill/Ran 1 mile/10:34min/130Cals
                                    +Lax X/20:22mins/3.02miles/210Cals
                PM: Body Combat @ MAC w Shannon /1hr class

21Thurs: Gym-> Spin Class w Chad: 45mins/708Cals 

22Fri:NONE     23Sat: Rest day! 

24Sun: ROCK-N-ROLL ½ Marathon: 13.1miles/2:52:01/2800Cals
**I did use my watch, I didn't take a pic and don't have my watch w me today..I will update this when I see what it really was, but i think it was about this..*
As for next week...
My goal is to start using MFP religiously!!
I had been using Loose It daily..I made the switch to MFP, love it..but have really slacked with logging.   
Also: Friday is March 1st-My official weigh in! Im hoping the scale is my friend!! Stay tuned for more on that..I will post my results next Tuesday.


  1. Awesome job on that half marathon! I love that you were beyond prepared, like a Boy Scout! I am proud of you for kicking your previous time's ass! Very motivating! Makes me wanna hop on a treadmill this weekend and rock out a half marathon just so I can buy myself a sticker! LOL!!!

    Even better that you aren't sore!

    Keep up all that HARDWORK! It will pay off!

    Looking forward to your weigh in!