Thursday, February 28, 2013

Same Story - Different Day

I’m not doing as good as I’m capable of doing.  But, I’m not doing terrible either.  I’m still in a funk, but I seem to be somewhat functioning through it.  I am still doing a really good job with food choices.  I’m even starting to realize that I like these foods.  Lol  I am taking the stairs in the parking garage and at school.  I’m just not doing my walking at lunch.  I don’t always get to enjoy my lunch hour.  Sometimes I have to work; sometimes I have homework to do; sometimes I’m just to damn lazy.  I have a treadmill at home as well as an elliptical.  What are some exercises y’all do at home without machines?  Anything?
I would say that I think working full time and going to school full time are the reasons I’m not doing as good of a job, but let’s face it – this ain’t my first time at the rodeo.  I don’t really know why I let myself want it, but not go for it.  I am my own worst enemy.  The ONLY good I am getting out of this is that I am eating better.  That is what is helping me to not gain anything (and only lose absolute minimum – ugh).  I guess it could be worse.  I could be gaining weight.  I am REALLY trying to find positive things to look at.  Lol
I just need to do it.  there’s no secret to my goal.  EXERCISE.  What the hell is my problem?  Why am I setting up my own roadblocks?!  What I need is a good kick in the ass.  Like I said, same story – different day.  L


  1. I was afraid that your full-time school schedule would get in the way of you trying to accomplish your health related goals! Been there, done that. It was VERY hard to stay focused on eating healthy or exercising when all I did was work and go to school. It's not easy, and for me it wasn't exactly do-able. You've got right at 2 months left of this semester...just continue doing what you can and when you have that break, go for it.

    As for home exercises, my exercise is strictly gym related. I do ride my bike (when it's not cold or windy). I consider house chores exercise though! If I dust, sweep, vaccuum, mop, edge and cut grass...that's exercise! That was me non-stop, getting things done. I don't track those sort of things, but I do consider it exercise.

  2. Ahh..Courtney My Friend! We all have those times where we let the person in bw our ears be our own worst enemy!
    Your taking on alot right now in your life and we all understand that, You should too! Im very proud that you have been able to maintain right now. Maintaining w/o exercise is not easy! With the stresses of school, work, could easily take this time to EAT and GAIN! But your NOT! Be proud of yourself Always!
    The exercise will come when your ready, easy yourself into it. Try going for a walk one day/week, maybe Sundays? Idk whatever day you have the least amount of whatever going on...
    As far as exercise at home. I have an exercise at hm routine I do every now and then if I want to get it in and can't bc of rain, kids, whatever. I will txt it to you. Also, could do a video. Or shit..Just get up, play some loud music and move...Do some jumping jacks, squats, wall sits, push ups, situps, whatever come to mind. Break for 30 secs and repeat 2-3 times. GREAT work out!! :D