Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Painful Lesson to Learn

Let’s get to the easy stuff first.

10/17/12 – 168.6 lbs – Starting weight
12/19/12 – 172.0 lbs – Highest weight
01/30/13 –169.0 lbs - Last Week’s weight
02/06/13 – 168.4 lbs - Current Weight

(1/30) - C25K – Week 8 Day 1
            2.90 Miles – 12:24/mile       
(1/31) – Cardio Recovery (Insanity)
(2/1) -  Leg Stretches
(2/2) – 10 squats & 45 minutes of skating
(2/3) – Wall Sits
(2/4) – 5 Lunges (Each side) & 1 mile walk/jog
(2/5) – 20 Squats

One thing that I have to mention is the 45 minutes of skating. The family and I went to a birthday party at the local skating rink and OMG I had so much fun! Everyone in my family got skates for Christmas and I had yet to use mine so I took advantage of the private party and brought my skates. I was a little wobbly at the beginning but quickly straightened up. Now, I’m nowhere near where I was when I was 13 years old, but I wasn’t too bad for a 30 year old who hadn’t been on skates in 15 years!!!
This week I most certainly didn’t keep up with anything except for the leg challenge. The lesson that learned this week is to not wait until the end of the week to try and get your workouts in!!! On Monday I was headed to the gym and stepped on my left foot funny and sprang my kankle and therefore only got in a 1 mile jog/walk.

So instead of following my plan (busting ass and taking names Monday and Tuesday) I am now limping around and probably will be for a few days.

48.4 lbs to goal!!!


  1. A sprained ankle is the worst! I hope you recover from this soon and are back up and at it! Keep up the positive talk and when your ankle is back to feeling better, you'll be right back in the swing of things!


  2. <3 the skating! Defiantly a great workout! We all need to go again soon!! Still super Proud of that C25K pace..Whooo Mamma!! Take it easy, heal yourself and then Ballz to the Wall..You will be bk at it in no time! Oh and I almost forgot....CONGRATU-FREAKIN-LATIONS on the loss! Keep it up!:)