Friday, February 22, 2013

Feeling a little accomplished this week!

Sorry I've been a total slacker in the diet/exercise/blog posting departments over the past month or so but this week I've gotten back on track. It helped seeing my girls over the weekend and how motivated they are and how well they are doing. Thanks y'all! :)

Monday I started walking up and down the stairs at work, I only last 10 minutes and we only have about 15 stairs to climb but I did it!!
Tuesday I did the stairs again this time for 11 minutes (watch out!!)
Wednesday I only did 5 minutes then after work I went to an hour step/weights class with the girls from work and survived!!
Thursday I did another 10 minutes on the stairs
Friday I'm not working out because of a meeting we are having here at work

I have lost over 8 pounds since last week and that feel amazing!!

We're having boiled crawfish tomorrow and I'm so excited! I will have to drink tons of water to compensate for all the salt and then I'll be doing the elliptical in the afternoon.

Overall, I'm pretty proud of the week I have had! I hope to report the same next week!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. WOW Great Week Amanda! So excited your back! Feel like our little blog has gots its groove back! lol 8#s in one week....Damn Girl! Great Job! Keep it up! :)

  2. Awesome job Amanda! So glad you're back on track and back to posting! We missed you!

    You lucky dogs and your crawfish! Steph and Nicole are having it tonight, you're having it tomorrow...UGH...I LOVE crawfish! It is one of my absolute favs! Crawfish with a dipping sauce made with ketchup, horseradish, and lemon juice.. holy crap. So hard to pass on CRAWFISH!!!!!!!! UGH.

    Enjoy some for me!