Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's Monday Fun Day!

This past week's goal was simple... to work hard and devote every ounce of extra energy into myself.

I think I achieved that goal this week.  I drank lots of water, took my vitamin every day, exercised and kept moving, got sleep, and even vented about some personal frustrations that were bothering me via e-mail with friends.

My week went like this:

Monday - Walked 2.5 miles for work and another 2 at the gym
Tuesday - Walked 2.5 miles for work and did run/walk intervals on the treadmill - 2 miles
Wednesday - run/walk intervals on treadmill - 2 miles.  Stairclimber - 5 minutes
Thursday - 500 meter row, 1 mile on treadmill, then did C25K D1/W1 on the treadmill
Friday - Walked 2.5 miles for work, 500 meter row, 1 mile on treadmill, then did C25K D2/W1 on the treadmill, followed by the stairclimber for 10 minutes
Saturday - 1 mile on treadmill, then did C25K D3/W1 on treadmill, then did another 1/2 mile on treadmill, then Parade
Sunday - 1 mile morning walk with dogs, 1 mile on treadmill, then did C25K D3/W1 on treadmill

This coming week is a big one.  I go to Pennington on Wednesday for my first checkup appointment to see how I'm doing on the protein shake diet.  According to the "what to expect at each visit" chart that I was given, this week they will check my weight, my blood pressure, my waist circumference, my vital signs, go over any new medications that I might be on (none for me), discuss any adverse events that have occurred (none so far, thank you Jesus!), and they'll give me more shakes for the next 2 weeks.  I'm ecstatic because there will be no more strawberry and vanilla shakes!!!!  I absolutely hated those!

I'm excited to see how I've done so far!  I feel a difference in my clothes.  I see a difference when I look in the mirror.  I just hope that the scale reflects that come Wednesday!!  We'll see!!

For this coming week my goals are simple..again:
  1. Gym workout ... everyday
  2. Stop weighing myself everyday...once a week only (Mondays)
  3. Drinks lots of water
A few new things...
  • Guess who finally got an iPhone?  It's about dang time huh?  I switched from T-Mobile to Sprint and took advantage of Sprint's free iPhone for new accounts.  I also get unlimited everything for $75/month. 
  • My sister joined the gym yesterday!  Her work has a discount program with my gym which means she can join without signing a yearly contract and her cost is discounted.  If she goes to the gym at least 12 times a month, she gets an even better discount!  Sweet.  Now all I have to do is convince her to stop smoking and start eating better!  After banging out 2 miles on the treadmill, she had Rally's for lunch and a ham/cheese sandwich with Fritos and jalapeno cheddar dip for dinner.  WTF?  Get with it!
So, fill me in on any cool apps you use people!  So far I've downloaded C25K, Water Lite, Lose It, and the wwltv news app...

Have a great week!



  1. damn girl! you busted a-double-s last week!Keep it up!!!!! i can't wait to hear about your WONDERFUL results on wednesday!!! how do you like C25K?!?!?!?!

  2. Holy cow, Your back at it! Great Week!

  3. I love C25K because it's such a great way to slowly get your body running (in my case jogging) over time. I downloaded an app via T-Mobile called RunDouble and I was using it to do intervals. The furthest I got on that was week 4 before I slacked and then started over. Gonna go all the way on it this time around. I just added the C25K app and it's really nice.

    Hitting the gym hard and will continue to do so.