Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Short & Sweet...

Kinda running out of things to say..And Im not sure anyone is out there listening anyway...So this week is short and sweet...

Goals From Last Week:
~Get my workouts in=Well..4/7 days :/
~Focus on my diet & water intake=Weekend Slacked! :/
~Bells 3rd Birthday=AWESOME! :D

Workouts This Week:
11Mon: Gym->Stair Master:30mins/130Floors
                       +Spin bike:45mins/25miles 
                      (Total Day: 1:20min/1337Cals)

12Tues: OFF:Mardi Gras Day!!     

13Wed: AM:Gym->Stair Master/30mins/564Cals
          +PM: Spin Class @ Mac w S&S:51min/16miles/879Cals  
           (Total Day:: 1:20min/1443Cals)
14Thurs: Gym->Spin Class:44:57min/708Cals

15Fri: Gym->Leg Day! 39mins/514Cals

16Sat: NONE & 17Sun: NONE

Pic of my baby's 3rd Birthday:
I also posted a pic from out group Spin Class on the "Photos" page.
This upcoming week: My plan is to work out as usual Monday-Thursday. Friday & Saturday I will do something but taking it a little easier...bc Sunday is the BIG Day! Not only my wedding anniversary BUT also...My 3rd 1/2 MARATHON!!! Im both Excited & Nervous! I know how hard my 1st (2) 1/2's were (which I walked) & this time I will be running (some) w Chad by my side...EEK! I CAN DO THIS! Just have to keep telling myself that! :) 
Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. how exciting! can't wait to see your results!!!!

  2. I'm reading and commenting and I look forward to your posts! We can go public with this blog and get more readers! You will do great at your half marathon! I'm excited for you!

    Good Luck!!!

  3. Nicole,

    You are such a huge motivation for so many people, and are doing such an amazing job! You look FABULOUS!

    Great job on the blog, girls! Y'all have a new reader for sure! :)

  4. TY! TY!! So exciting to know someone is reading!!! :D