Monday, February 18, 2013

Keep On Keepin' On

Is it me or are these weeks flying by?  I make a post and the next thing I know it's Monday again and another post is due!  I don't mind, I've always got something to say...I'm a talker. 

How was everyone's week?  I did great...and here's a rundown:

How My Week Went

Monday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced) followed by C25K D1/W2

Tuesday -  2.5 mile run/walk around my neighborhood.  I am especially proud of this because I was feeling sick all day, I was off of work, the weather was windy and sprinkling when I left my house, and my gym was closed but I still managed to get this workout in!

Wednesday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced) followed by C25K D2/W2.  Then took a spinning class with Stephanie and Nicole @ my gym! 

Thursday - C25K D2/W2 (again).  Short workout b/c of Valentine's Day...

Friday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D3/W2, stairclimber for 5 minutes.  Helped sister move boxes and furniture to a new storage unit.  4 trips total.. I know I burned some calories, especially with all the laughing!!!  It was NUTS and so much fun!  We were both laughing about everything that happened all the way into the next day!  Below is a clip of me riding on the rolling cart...but so much more happened.  Angie tried getting into the bed of the truck by stepping on the rolling cart which was on an incline...cart rolled down incline, she fell, I laughed.  We both raced on these carts down the video of that though.  I rode the cart like a scooter and leaned forward too much and FELL OFF that sucker hitting the concrete.  Laughed and almost peed on myself.  Angie broke the door when she slammed the empty cart into the automatic sliding doors.  Door came off its hinge.  She spent the rest of the night convinced that she'd get a call telling her she was evicted from the storage unit OR that she'd get a bill for breaking the door.  Either way, we had too much fun moving stuff! 

Saturday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced and at a 4% incline), 5 minutes on stairclimber, followed by the Body Flow class (a combo of Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi)

Sunday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D1/W3, 5 minutes on stairclimber.  Before the gym I spent 4 hours cleaning house, mopping, dusting, and doing yard work (edging, cutting sweeping..)  After the gym I grocery shopped and then washed my car.  It was a VERY active day!

What's New?
On the 14th Courtney and I did our monthly weigh-in and measurement check.  I am proud to report that I've lost a total of 12 inches and 21 pounds! 
What's Next?
This coming Wednesday is my second checkup appointment with Pennington since starting the protein shake diet.  I am excited to see how I'm progressing and hope I get a good number on the scale!  I'm putting in the work, so I should see some results!  I weigh myself every day and I hate to admit that the scale isn't moving much.  One minute it's down and the next day it's up a pound.  WTF?  Very frustrating!

For this checkup they are going to check my vitals, check my weight, measure my waist, do bloodwork, and I'll be meeting with a dietician.  I'll report back with how this all went in my post next week!

This Week's Goals

1.  Workout every day!
2.  Take at least 3 classes at the gym over the next week
3.  Complete week 3 of the Couch to 5K series


  1. i think your doing a great job buddy! keep it up and you'll see the results!!!

    that video is freaking hilarious!!!

    one question, you do a mile and then couch to 5k?

  2. Thanks Steph! I do a "warmup" mile on the treadmill at a fast pace...when I hit a mile, I lower it to a brisk but comfortable pace and press start to do the C25K for the day. I made that a 'rule' for myself...1 mile first, then C25K. I go fast so that 1 mile is over and done with in no time.

  3. KEEP it up! Your doing great!!! At this rate you will be in ONE-DERLAND in NO TIME!!! Keep your eye on the Prize!!!