Sunday, February 24, 2013

Don't Stop - Get It Get It!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  What did y'all do?  Anyone got in any good exercise?  My weekend was a busy but awesome one!  Let's jump right in on a recap of what I wanted to do this week and how I did....

Last Week's Goals

1. Workout every day!  DONE!!!
2. Take at least 3 classes at the gym over the next week  DONE..exceeded this goal!!!!
3. Complete week 3 of the Couch to 5K series  DONE!!!

How My Week Went

Monday - 1.5 miles on treadmill (fast paced), 7 minutes on stairclimber, Body Pump class (loved it!)

Tuesday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D2/W3, 5 minutes on stairclimber

Wednesday - Body Combat Class...kicked my ass!

Thursday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced) C25K D3/W3, 5 minutes on stairclimber, Body Pump Class

Friday - 5k on treadmill (fast paced), ab work

Saturday - Early morning Body Pump Class followed by Body Combat Class.  This was a rough but awesome workout for the day!  I felt like a million bucks when I left the gym!

Sunday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D1/W4, 5 minutes on stairclimber, ab work

What's New??

Wednesday was my 4 week checkup with Pennington and as of Wednesday I was down a total of 18 pounds since starting the program just 4 weeks ago.  My blood pressure was perfect (118/78), and my bloodwork to test my electrolytes and potassium came back good.  My next appointment is exactly 2 weeks from this past appointment.  On a roll and moving along!   

Noticeable Changes!!
  • I've been taking pictures at the gym; same pose, same mirror, etc., and I've started seeing changes.  When I get a little more confident, I'll post those pics to the blog.
  • I am loving the classes at the gym.  I have my fit friends Stephanie and Nicole to thank for that!  It was Stephanie that wanted to take some classes and Nicole that pumped us up to do them together.  I don't know that I would've taken classes had they not been with me for those first few and this is partly because of my previous experiences with taking classes at a gym.  My last gym offered classes and while I loved the gym, the classes were very intimidating and made me feel kinda lonely.  I would walk into class and no one, not even the teacher, would introduce themselves or talk to me.  At my current gym they see me and they knew right away that I was new to class.  They approached me and introduced themselves, making me feel very welcome, and introduced me to the class.  They even make sure to keep an eye on me during class and correct me if I'm doing something wrong. Other people taking the classes have even introduced themselves and they help me with setup before and after class!  It was time to put the yoga mats away and a lady leaned over and grabbed my mat and said she'd put it up for me, and a guy in my Body Pump class got my aerobic step for me.  It's like a class of friends and I hope that as I continue to go, I get to know these people more.  They really are very welcoming and nice people!


For this coming week I've got some goals in mind:

1.  Workout every day
2.  Start two-a-days - Workout in the a.m., take a class in the p.m.
3.  Take my vitamin every day

As Stephanie has said, "Have a plan, or plan to fail!"  I love that saying, and it's so true!  Before I started this journey, if I got out of work or out of school and was tired or hungry, rather than making good choices I'd pick something up or Adam and I would go out to eat.  You have to anticipate what lies ahead.  You have to anticipate that you'll be tired and the more you prepare for that the easier it will be when things come up.  It's easier to grocery shop when you make a list.  It's easier to cook every night when you make a menu for the week and stick to it.  Packing your gym bag the night before makes it easier to just grab and go the next day.  It's all about planning!  Well, here's what my workout plan for the week looks like:

I hope you guys have a great week!  Keep up the hard work, don't quit, don't give up and keep moving!!!!!!!  We can do this!!!

Before I go, here's a shot of me sweating it out at the gym yesterday after D1/W4 of C25K!!  My shirt was soaked!  Felt good!  And yes...I'm wearing full-on makeup!  I went to a bridal luncheon in Mandeville (an hour away) and I didn't get home from there until 2.  My gym closes at 4 so my only option was to change clothes and head out....with all my makeup on.  I may or may not have lost part of an eyebrow to sweat after I finished on the stairclimber!  (I pencil in my eyebrows...)  LOL!!!



  1. that is one sexy sweaty girl! GET IT!

  2. An 18 lb weight loss is amazing! Keep up the great work! I need to borrow some of your girls' motivation! Haha.

  3. You are KILLING IT! And I am so proud of you! I can't wait until your next appointment! You are doing so awesome!!! Doesn't it feel GREAT!?!?!?! Keep it up!!!