Tuesday, February 12, 2013



What a great surprise...To wake up and feel <3'd by the scale?...The scale may not always <3 me...But my hunny does!! So Im ok with that. *pic on 2/6 ;)

 Goals were: *Work Hard/Play Hard*
1) Work out everyday!= 6/7 Days...DONE! 
2) Enjoy Mardi Gras!=DOING SO NOW!
3) Keep up "Loose It" app/Water=DONE! 
4) Focus on Upcoming Goals...
 *R-N-R 1/2 Marathon=12 days away!..EEEK! 
*Cruise=61 days away!..YAY!!

How I kicked A$$ this week:
Mon: Gym->Stair Master/30:23mins/122Floors/2.57mi/326.8cals
           +Leg Challenge: 10 lunges/leg 
Tues: Gym->LatX/33mins/83Floors/5.13mi/356cals
           +Run w Chad/1.5miles/11:31mins/191cals         
Wed: Gym->Stair Master/30:04mins/136Floors/2.84mi/355.8cals
Thurs: Gym->1st SPIN CLASS/55:48mins/Cals 850-1517?(New Mio Watch)
Fri: Gym->Leg Day!
Sat: Gym->Body Pump w Stephanie!!
& Sun:Relaxed/Spent day w my family & awesome friends/evening parading!

  Exercised=5 hours Miles=12 Cals Burned=~3,746

1) I rocked the gym this week! I pushed hard each day trying to beat my previous stats on whichever machine I choose to make my "B" for the day. Im happy with how I Got it In! I dominated the Stair Master 2 days this week pushing hard for over 30 mins!!! I hit the Lat X and cranked out over 5 miles! I went balls to the wall and took a SPIN class (my first class in over 5+ years) Friday, I worked the legs & glutes w my hunny on Leg Day and I ended the week Body Pumping w one of my besties. Fun Sweat Fest Week! ;) <3 it!
2) I <3 Mardi Gras!! I love parades! I love the excuse to get to hang out with family and friends and enjoy the company while having a great time. The few days off work is a JOY too! Kinda sad Mardi Gras is over it was fun getting together w friends more often than we normally get to.

3) So I ended my last post saying my plan is to change some things up and hopefully I get better results for February. Which brings me to new changes.  
The Diet: Chad & I decided to be more dedicated to our diet. Doing it together makes it easier on both of us. To try to keep less "snack" type food available in the house to just grab when we get urges. We are trying to keep healthier things around for those moments.  This is hard to do with kids...We want them to grow up in a healthy home but they are just kids and I don't want to deprive them of having snacks every now and then..So we will work on finding that balance.  We went shopping together and loaded up on fresh fruits/veggies and lots of protein.

*Fun Fact:~When shopping at the grocery, You should try to shop only the outside circle of the store!~Did you ever notice? The outside circle is where you will find all of your fresh foods; meats, fruits/veggies, breads, milks,eggs, etc. The inside isles of the grocery are where you find all the processed foods! I know, I never realized that but after reading it made me wow'd a little while shopping, pretty cool. 

We are also trying to eat 5-6 small meals/day. So our bodies are always in that "Fat Burning" zone. Im pretty sure part of my "plateau" status has been because I typically starve myself all morning/day eating very little and then at night (dinner is always too late 8pm-till) & That's when I load up all my cals for the day. So my body is rarely in its target zone to burn the most cals it can.

Chk this out..."The Fat Burning Zone"
My goals this week are: 
~Get my workouts in 
~Focus on my diet & water intake
~Have fun w my family & Enjoy my baby girls 3rd Birthday Party!! 

I hope everyone has an awesome week & Kicks butt with their goals!



  1. what a great workout week AND you blogged on Mardi Gras DAY!!!!! She got this yall!!!

    body pump was SO much fun! i'm glad i didn't stand you up!!!! =) so much fun!

    i'm so glad that you and chad are doing the dang thing together! having that motivation RIGHT THERE is a HUGE help! i think JJ is the one lacking now!!!!!

  2. Your blog post is so dang colorful and it took me a second to realize it's purple, green and gold lettering. Duh..Mardi Gras!

    Great workouts, great motivation and I love those collages!

    Good job!