Friday, February 15, 2013

Better Late Than Never, Right?

I didn’t make it in last night, but I’m getting to it this morning. I don’t have too much to report on. I did lose another pound. I could have done better. I should have done better. I’m trying to look at it in another light. Instead of beating myself up because I didn’t exercise like I should have, I’m trying to look at it like this - I must have my eating down. If I was able to go a month without exercising and ate like I normally do, then I must be doing something right with my dieting if i didn't gain anything and was able to lose a pound. Right? Or am I overreaching? Lol
The only exercise I got in was one walk at lunch and my first 10K with Shannon on Saturday. Holy hell. I thought I was going to die. But, I didn’t stop and I did finish. Yay for that. It did teach me that I have a long way to go and that I should stick to 5K’s for now. Lol (Bonus - I got bananas after the race! I LOVE bananas! That was my motivation at the end. "They better have f-ing bananas!" Lol)
I have started on the thing of only eating foods from the exterior of the grocery. The only thing I eat from the interior are the white and red beans. I still buy things from the interior, but it’s things the kids can fix for them for dinner on the nights that I have class. I don’t eat any of it. I am also finding that I don’t miss eating any of it. My belly has gotten picky. It only accepts fresher foods. Love that. I bought fresh (and some frozen) veggies instead of the canned ones. They taste SO much better. I also use freshly chopped seasoning instead of the pre-made one. I don’t eat as much bread as I did before. I am also trying to limit my rice and potato portions.
I am trying to find some time to make a daily journal that will include what I ate and what, if any, exercise I did. I think I may be a visual person. Maybe once I see it in writing I’ll feel an obligation to fill it out - honestly. Lol I may even force myself to commit to posting it on here. We’ll see. Well, back to work!


  1. i really need to try this eat from the outside isles!!! i'll be on that sunday for shopping!!!!

    i am so proud of you for doing the 10K!!!!!!

  2. OMG...I was hoping like hell that they weren't out of F'n bananas before we got to the end b/c you would've been so freaking mad! LOL!!!! That's all I heard... "They better have bananas!" "Do you think they could run out???" LOL

    Crack me up! I'm proud of you for doing it and THANK YOU for doing it! I would've been all to my lonesome had you not signed up!

  3. Im so proud that you started and finished your first 10k, and yall did it together! How awesome!!

    Be proud of your 1#, a loss is a loss and like you said your diet must be right on track to pull it off! Great Job!!!

    I am a very visual person, it helps me to write and log everything I do. As you can see from my I have shit for memory, so if I don't log it/take pics I surly will forget in less than 10 mins what I just did, Yea its that bad.

    Keep it up Courtney, your moving in the right direction, wonder if the waxing helped w your loss? LMAO jk..jk! ;)