Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Au Revoir Mardi Gras… Bonjour Bikini!!!

I guess I should start with, I forgot to weigh in this morning. My husband and I didn’t have our kids last night so we were able to sleep in a bit! This week is also “Aunt Flo” week which followed right behind “Hurt My Kankle” week so I’m sure the number was less than stellar!

(2/9) – Body Pump

Yup, that’s it. One workout. It was a GREAT workout, but it’s the only one I got in. 1/3 of that was kankle issues, 1/3 was family in town and 1/3 was laziness!

This week will be a lot different then what I'm used to. I am going with Shannon and Nicole for a one week trial at MAC. During this time, I have not been one to do workout classes BUT this week we are doing RPM (today), Body Flow on Saturday, Body Pump on Monday and Zumba on Tuesday. It will be a full schedule but I’ll get it in! I’ve done #LesMills work outs before and loved them. Shannons gym is also very nice but kind of pricy. This week will be a huge determination of if I’ll bite the bullet!

As we all know, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. This year in lieu of flowers I got a Polar FT60 (see below)! It’s SUPER nice! I have it programmed, linked to my phone and READY FOR RPM TONIGHT!

This week was also Mardi Gras here in the Big Easy. Here are some pictures of us having some Carnival fun!


 Have a great week!


  1. Love all the pics and so excited for you and your watch...This week better Watch Out thats all Im sayin! ;)

  2. I love that watch! I'm excited about the classes too! Never worked up the nerve to try the classes, but now that I have class partners, I'm in it! If you decide to join, I'll be your class buddy! I like classes, just don't like to do them alone. I have more fun when I'm with someone I know!

  3. SMH! I have offered to do a many of classes w you at Anytime...
    Im glad were finally getting to do one together! This will be FUN!

  4. lol, i must say, i do LOVE making faces at nicole during class and seeing that i'm not the only one dying!!!!! <3

  5. LMAO! <3 it...So much funner w friends!

  6. absolutly much funner with friends!!!