Friday, February 1, 2013

Not Friendless & The Benefits of Getting Healthy

As you may or may not have realized, our buddy Amanda hasn't posted in a few weeks.  She has not fallen off the Five Friends Getting Fit blog, she just has a lot going on in her life that requires her undivided attention.  Her work has been undergoing some major changes, from firing the office manager, to completely remodeling the entire warehouse.  She and her co-workers are currently crammed into a tiny upstairs office for the next 5 weeks or so until the renovations are complete.  The owner and his wife have returned to the company on a full-time basis which makes it very difficult for Amanda to post from work.  Add in the fact that she is a very busy mama with two kiddos and no computer at home, it may be a while before we see another post from her.  BUT, all is not lost!  Amanda will return to the blog when things calm down!

With that being said, I decided to go ahead and post something today...

The Benefits of Getting Healthy!!!

I don't have to sit here and name every single benefit to getting healthy because most are obvious, but for me, here are some things I've noticed in just the past week since starting on the weightloss program I'm on:

1.  All the water I'm drinking has my skin looking awesome.  My face is clearing up!  Love it!  It's not picture perfect yet, but it's getting there!

2.  I don't have to pop TUMS like candy!  I suffered with heartburn and burping A LOT.  I thought maybe I just had a sensitive stomach to spicy foods.  While that may be the case, the amount of food I ate and the types of food I ate played a huge roll in the heartburn/burping.  I haven't had a TUMS since I started the program. 

3.  Headaches are gone.  Minus the bad sinus headache I had the day after starting the program, I haven't had to pop headache medicine yet.  I think it's all the water.  Maybe my headaches were really just dehydration? 

4.  I sleep much better.  I think that's a combo of the exercise, the low calories, which has me whooped by the end of the day, and the lack of heartburn!

5.  Energy levels are up.  I don't yawn all day!  I'm up and awake and good to go...ready to take on the day and ready to hit the gym!

What benefits have you noticed in yourself since getting into a healthy lifestyle, besides the obvious "My pants are loose, I can buy clothes wherever.."?????



  1. those are allllllll GREAT benefits of weightloss!!!!

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  3. So happy your seeing all the great changes..So much more to come! :)